Images Disappearing

If you received a notification that images are disappearing from your ePub or PDF file, this means that NetGalley members are reporting issues with the images. Images may appear sideways, cut in half, out of focus, or may not appear at all. These issues happen most often with PDFs when viewed in a Kindle device.

To troubleshoot, your production team should double check that the images are placed on the correct layer of the file. It is also a good idea to consult our File Optimization Suggestions when creating image-heavy files. Once the file is corrected, please reupload it in your NetGalley client account.

If you have a content file that prevents the book from being made available in the catalog, accessed by members, or causes difficulty for the members who are reading the book, you will receive a notification from the NetGalley team that details the problem. You will see this notification on the title details page, and in an email sent to your "File Import Notices" email address (found in the Settings of your Publisher Account.)

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