Upload error: Application/Zip not accepted

NetGalley accepts EPUB and PDF content files for digital review copies. Sometimes, when an EPUB file is zipped incorrectly and uploaded to NetGalley, you may encounter an error message on the Upload Files page that reads: Sorry, filetype "application/zip" is not an acceptable upload.

This error message indicates an issue related to the zip package, not the files inside. For any issues related to the display of your EPUB files, consider using FlightDeck, another tool offered by the Firebrand Group.
If you encounter the error message that reads, "Sorry, filetype "application/zip" is not an acceptable upload," follow these steps to rezip your EPUB file.
  1. Download eCanCrusher
  2. Ensure that the eCanCrusher folder is on your desktop. This will make correcting your file easier down the road.
  3. Download the EPUB file, and add that to your desktop as well. 
  4. Open up the eCanCrusher file, and the file inside of it, until you see the actual "eCanCrusher" application (green icon below).
  5. Drag and drop the EPUB file you'd like to rezip onto the application. It should create an unzipped version of the EPUB, which should also be saved to your desktop. Rename this file something unique, like ISBNNEW. 
  6. Drag this unzipped file folder back onto the eCanCrusher application once again. This will successfully re-zip the file, creating a new and improved EPUB for you.
  7. If you upload this file to the title record, it should upload successfully!

If you run into any issues with this process, please contact concierge[at]netgalley.com and we'd be happy to assist! 

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