NetGalley Levels of Service

There are multiple ways to sign up and list your titles on NetGalley. For publishers who produce multiple titles per year or have a substantial backlist, our subscription option is recommended. For smaller publishers or indie authors, our pay-per-title program may suit your needs the best!

NetGalley Subscription - Audio and Digital Review Copy

NetGalley helps publishers and authors promote digital review copies and audiobooks, both pre- and post-publication, to book advocates and industry professionals. Publishers make their books available for the NetGalley community to discover, request, read, and review. 

With a NetGalley subscription, publishers have complete flexibility to decide when and how long their titles remain Active for NetGalley members to request and download. It’s the best way for publishers to drive online reviews and word-of-mouth, encourage nominations for the LibraryReads and Indie Next lists, and ensure that your NetGalley activity is trackable and actionable. 

Tools like the widget and Auto-Approved List ensure you’re reaching the right audiences, and the Detailed Activity, Feedback, Opinions, and Active Title Reports are available to you on demand. Charts like the Top Performers list, Types of Access over Time chart, and Activity by Member Type chart help publishers make early decisions about their books, and the Word Cloud can help you enhance your metadata and book descriptions. 

The Title Timeline will allow you to pre-schedule multiple phases of availability and see NetGalley promotions that you have reserved.

For publishers with multiple imprints, the Company Admin Dashboard will give you visibility into activity and trends across divisions, with streamlined access to each account. You’ll see company-level reporting, allowing you to closely manage the account as a whole.

The NetGalley subscription will help you view and assess important data related to your NetGalley activity, including previous titles you’ve made available, giving you the earliest insight into trends so you can anticipate them as your books go on sale.

For both the subscription and Pay-Per-Title options, our promotions are also available to you.


We work with publishers of all sizes, and welcome boutique publishers and independent authors to pay per title if you have a limited publication schedule. The pay-per-title plan is recommended for publishers and authors listing 1-4 books per year. Contact us about a subscription for more than 4 books.

With this option, you will pay a one-time fee for each individual ebook (DRC) you’d like to add to NetGalley.

You will have access to create widgets (a pre-approved link you can use to invite your own contacts to view your book), and can also view detailed profiles of the members who request the book from you. Please note: The NetGalley community is not personally vetted by NetGalley, as we believe publishers and authors know best the readers who are most useful for them. This is why we ensure you have full control over who you approve or decline. A detailed profile of each member who requests a title from you is available to view, so you can make the most informed decision.

Detailed reporting about activity for your book is also included. These reports will show whether members downloaded the book, and specific feedback including reviews, star ratings, reason for request, suggested keywords, and opinions.

You will also have the option to add on one of our on-site promotions, at a special discount! This option must be purchased as part of the title listing, and spots are subject to availability.

Reach out to us here for more information or pricing. 

Please note: NetGalley Advanced tools and reports are not available to pay-per-title customers. If you are interested in enhanced tools and reports, please let us know when you fill out that form!




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