Important Tools in NetGalley

Here are some recommendations for how NetGalley clients can make the most of NetGalley:

Make your titles available for request 

Take advantage of the growing NetGalley community of influential readers - reviewers, media, bloggers, librarians, booksellers, and educators - who may be interested in your titles. You can allow all members to request the title from the catalog (Requests Allowed, all members); schedule request by member type; keep the title private and only allow invited contacts access (Private/Invite Only); or give everyone access to the title (Read Now). Learn more about different options for allowing requests here.

Use the widget in your daily activities

Your contacts trust you, and you know best how to grab their attention. Maintain your relationship by continuing to send your own emails on your own terms – just pop in the NetGalley widget to give them access to the title. Each title in NetGalley has a widget—and you'll see the "Invite Contacts" prompt, or green Create Widget button in many places in your account. Use the widget in your personal pitch emails, to give contacts earliest access to digital review copies or audiobooks, to accommodate last-minute requests when print galleys are no longer available, or with mailing lists (bloggers, libraries, author lists, etc). The widget provides your contact with a direct link to view the title on NetGalley (they will need to create an account or log in first).

NetGalley clients must comply with all local laws and statutes related to the protection and legal use of members’ personal information (such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, etc).

Customize the widget for your specific needs, every time you create it.

  • Secure widget: The secure widget uses an email address (or list of emails) to secure your content. You can type in single email addresses, or upload a list, so that only recipients who log in to a NetGalley account with that email address will be authorized to use that widget. If your contact forwards the email containing the widget, and the new recipient isn’t on your list, they will be denied access and prompted to request the title instead. Ask us for more info or to walk you through the process.
  • Open widget: This kind of widget is not secured to any email addresses. If an email containing a widget is forwarded, then that new recipient can click on the widget, log in and view the title. You can always see exactly who has viewed your titles in your NetGalley client account, no matter how they gain access. Open widgets are great for trusted contacts (for example, an editor who will assign the title to a reviewer).

Enhance your title with the Press Kit

You can include all your marketing assets in the Press Kit area to allow your contacts one-stop access. Examples include: Press releases, author Q&A, tour information (bookstore and/or blog tours), author profiles, catalog copy, presentations, teacher guides, reading guides for book clubs…all of the great stuff you are already producing to accompany your galley can go in NetGalley. Because the NetGalley Press Kit is digital, you can also include high-res cover images and author photos, as well as video or audio files like book trailers or author interviews.

Promote your title to the NetGalley community

Please contact us to find out about our Promotions. We have many ways to promote titles to our dedicated professional readers. Many of our clients are also coordinating with us on their own promotions, contests, at events (include a QR code linking to the widget on a postcard, for example), and more. Reach out to us at concierge[at] and we can share some ideas and sample language.

Update your Publisher Profile

Make it easy for readers browsing the site to connect with your brand and view your forthcoming and published titles by keeping your publisher profile up to date. You can add a logo, company description, approval preferences and social media links. Simply login to your account and click on your publisher name at the top of your Dashboard.

Add reviews you love to the Title Details page

Feature positive reviews on your Title Details pages. Featured reviews will appear when titles are available for request, as well as when they are archived (visible in the "Previously on NetGalley" section on your Browse Publisher listing). Reviews will appear in a dedicated "Featured Reviews" section.

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