NetGalley Promotions & Media Kit

Our popular promotional programs deliver outstanding results while remaining at a competitive price, and are highly valued for their strong engagement rates. Hundreds of publishers use our powerful platform to launch their frontlist and leverage their backlist.

NetGalley Promotions help your books succeed—we have advertising options for every budget, goal, and type of book! Reach trade professionals and early influencers, generate reviews, run giveaways, collect pre-orders, advertise around the pub date, and connect directly with your audience.

Because of the popularity of our programs, and our commitment to never over-mailing our reader community, dates are often booked months in advance for promotions. We encourage you to plan ahead!

Below are the booking forms for our US Promotions. Please view the separate UK Promotions here

View the full 2023 Media Kit

On-Site Promotions:

2023 Homepage & Cover Love (Free! Nominate in-house favorites for extra exposure)

2023 Category Spotlights (Drive requests, downloads, or sales)

2023 Featured Titles on NetGalley (Take advantage of our weekly themes) - view calendar

2023 Sponsored Full Carousel (NEW! Sponsor your own books carousel with the headline/theme of your choosing)

2023 Dashboard Spotlights (Week-long spotlight on Member Dashboards)

2023 Recently Added Books Spotlights (NEW! Target the member type(s) you most want to reach with a week-long spotlight on "Recently Added Books" section)

2023 Recently Added Audiobooks Spotlights (Week-long spotlight on "Recently Added Audiobooks" section)


Email Promotions:

2023 NetGalley Newsletters (NEW! Premium Editions offer the biggest reach) - view calendar

2023 Newsletter Banner Ads (Advertise within our successful email newsletters)

2023 Newsletter Bonus Section (For books with smaller budgets)

2023 NetGalley Canada Newsletter (NEW! Reach all opted-in NetGalley members in

2023 ABA Digital Box (In partnership with American Booksellers Association)

2023 Dedicated eBlasts (Custom, highly targeted campaign for one book or several)

2023 NetGalley CA Dedicated eBlasts (Custom campaign for one book or several, targeted to members in Canada)

2023 NetGalley AU/NZ Dedicated eBlasts (Custom campaign for one book or several, targeted to members in Australia/New Zealand)

More Promotions:

2023 Sponsored Social Package (NEW! Add-on a sponsored TikTok video to your package)

2023 Book Club Kits (Custom kit and promotion to book club audience)

2023 We Are Bookish Newsletter Sponsorship (NEW! Sponsor an edition to encourage members to favorite your publisher page on NetGalley)

2023 BookishFirst Raffle (Consumer Reviewer Giveaways)


Deadlines: Please note the deadlines when your Promotion is confirmed. As our calendar fills up quickly, it’s important we receive the necessary assets on time. We encourage you to set a reminder in your calendar!

Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule your Promotion for any reason, please notify us at least 5 business days prior to the live date (there is no penalty for rescheduling within that time frame, but dates are subject to availability). Otherwise, last-minute cancellations will be subject to a fee. Specific fees vary depending on type of Promotion.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your Promotion entirely, you must notify us at least 5 business days before the live date, otherwise you will be subject to a last-minute cancellation fee. Specific fees vary depending on type of Promotion.

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