Detailed Activity Report: Method

In the Detailed Activity Report, publishers can see the method in which a member gained access to a book, or their request was declined. Here are definitions for the terms you may see in this column of your report:

Request Status: Approved

  • Manual: you pressed the "Approve" button when managing requests
  • Widget: the member was approved via a NetGalley Widget that was sent to them
  • Auto-Approved: the member is on your Auto-Approved List
  • Title READ NOW: the Availability for the book was "Read Now"
  • Wish Granted: you granted the member's Wish

Request Status: Declined

  • Manual: you pressed the Decline button

  • Archived: book was Archived and the pending request was automatically declined

  • Muted: member is on your Muted Members list and their request was automatically declined

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