"Clicked to Read" Count Higher Than One


It is fairly common to see reading option tallies higher than one. Here are some common reasons:

  • Because Adobe downloads are device specific (unlike Kindle which shares one download across a member's approved apps and devices) members may need to download more than once if they wish to read on multiple devices (e.g. phone, tablet and computer)
  • Multiple downloads can be a user error of some sort. If a reader doesn’t have their reading device set up properly before they press the button, they often have to press it again once they get everything in order: For instance: if they didn’t put kindle@netgalley.com as an approved sender in their Amazon account, they’d need to press the Kindle button again for that title once they did that, to re-send the file to their Kindle.
  • Or, they were impatient - it can sometimes take up to an hour, if Amazon has a server delay, for the file to be delivered to the person’s Kindle, so sometimes people press the button more than once.
  • Or, they may have pressed the DOWNLOAD button but didn’t yet have Adobe Digital Editions on their computer. Once they installed it, they would press the button again.
  • Download numbers of 5 or less are usually fine. If you see a number that is suspicious, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Remember that no matter how many instances of the title they may have downloaded, the file itself is always protected with the DRM security settings you’ve applied.

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