Opinions Report

The Opinions Report shows individual responses for member-specific questions. Learn more about all of the Yes/No questions that members may answer here. 

You can access the Opinions Report on the Feedback page from the Reports tab.
You can also access this report by clicking the purple gear icon on the right-hand side of the Manage Titles page.


This report is ideal if you’re looking for a custom list of members who have answered these questions. For instance, booksellers interested in hosting an event with the author, for example, or media/journalists contacts interested in connecting with the author.



Audiobook clients will also see audio-specific Opinions left by various member types:


Clients who are providing Audio Excerpts for their NetGalley titles will also see aggregated responses to audio-specific Opinion questions on their Feedback page and on the Snapshot Activity Report. This includes the number of listens and average listening time.


Learn more about Audio Excerpts here.




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