Muting Member Requests

If there is an individual member whose requests you'd rather not see, you can Mute​ them​ so​ requests will not appear in your list of ​Pending ​Requests and will be automatically declined.

If the member has pending requests for any of your other books, those will also be automatically declined that night (EST). All future requests from that member will be automatically declined each night (EST) while the member remains muted. T​he muted member will ​receive your decline email notification - either your custom message for the title, or your default decline message.

Please use with discretion!  

You can find the Mute button in two places: 

1. When managing requests: Click on a member's name to open the profile modal and click the Mute button. That request will be automatically declined overnight.


2. Full member profile page: The Mute button also appears on the full member profile page, which you can open even if the member does not currently have any pending requests. Use your Detailed Activity Report for any title to find a specific member.

Please note: Muted members will be able to access your title if it is listed as Read Now.

You can also unmute a member:

Members can be unmuted (or "resumed") from both of those places, as well as from the Manage Muted Members List (find it linked on your Dashboard). After you Resume a member's requests they will appear in your Manage Requests list once more, and will no longer be automatically declined.

​Lastly, you can always view the requests from muted members by filtering the Manage Requests page. If there are no muted members requesting the title, you will continue to see your pending requests from non-muted members.


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