Snapshot PDF Report

The Snapshot PDF report includes consolidated information about the activity and opinions submitted for that title. You can find this report under the Reports tab of your Title Feedback page or on the right-hand side of the blue bar.

You can also access this report by clicking the purple gear icon on the right-hand side of the Manage Titles page.


The report includes:

  • Number of impressions, clicked to read, feedback, reviews, social views
  • Number of members with access, wishing, waiting, or declined
  • Cover ratings
  • Reasons for request
  • Star ratings and average star rating
  • Answers to member-specific questions about how the member will recommend the title. Here is More information about what questions we ask members
  • Answers to audio-specific Opinion questions, including number of listens and average listening timeannotated_snapshot_pdf.png

Click here for more information about all of the stats.

NetGalley Advanced clients can opt to receive this report automatically on a title's archive date.





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