Detailed Activity Report

The Detailed Activity Report is an Excel-based report that shows activity information for a single title. You can access this report at any time from the Title Feedback page under the Reports tab.


You can also navigate to this report from a few other pages:

  • Click the purple gear icon on the right-hand side of the Manage Titles page to go directly to the Title Feedback page, then click the Reports tab.
  • Via the Approval History page. On any Title Details Page and click on "Approval History" on the left hand side. 
  • From the Manage Requests page by clicking Download Detailed Activity. 

The report includes information about each request you have received for this book:

  • When each member requested the title
  • The members' names, as well as their Member Type and Subtype, plus their email address if they opted to share it
  • The approval/decline date and method
  • The method in which the member gained access or their request was declined 
  • Information about how the member accessed your content files
  • Whether the members has downloaded the book, left feedback, or if they chose "Will Not Give Feedback.

NetGalley Advanced clients can opt to receive this report automatically on a title's archive date.

Note: Publishers are responsible for complying with all local laws and statutes related to the protection and legal use of personal information. Publishers should always download and use the most recent reports.

Check out our best practices for using member emails here.

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