See Feedback Sent via NetGalley

You can find the Feedback members have left for your titles by navigating to the Feedback section, either by clicking "See Feedback" on your Manage Titles page, or from the Title Details page by scrolling down to the Feedback section on the left-hand side and clicking the orange arrow.

You will be able to view summarized Activity information, as well as Reviews. You can download your Snapshot PDF or Feedback Report from the blue bar at the top of the page or by navigating to the Reports tab.

When a member shares a review with you via NetGalley, you will also receive an email alert which will include the full text of the review, any notes submitted, and other types of feedback.

Featured reviews will appear on the title details page in a dedicated "Featured Reviews" section, and all other member reviews will be visible when members click "See all member reviews."


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