Title Feedback Activity Page

The Title Feedback Activity page provides a comprehensive overview of how NetGalley members have engaged with your title on NetGalley. This page provides up-to-date information at a glance, covering important metrics like member activity, number of Feedback, and much more. This page can be accessed by clicking "See All Feedback" on the Manage Titles tab in your account, or by navigating to your title record and clicking beneath the Feedback heading from the menu on the left.

Here, you'll see:

Impressions: This is a straight count of views on the Title Details page, and should provide a useful indicator of interest in the title. Impressions count anytime someone views the Title Details page, whether or not they are logged in. This does not include NetGalley client impressions (whether from your own client account or another).

Clicked to Read: The total number of times approved NetGalley members have clicked on the Download or Send to Kindle buttons. Remember, readers can click these buttons multiple times. You can see if a particular member has clicked-to-read your content, and which reading option they've selected, from the Manage Requests page. See here for full details.

Feedback: Includes all types of feedback a member can leave. This includes both opinions and reviews.

Reviews: The total number of text reviews submitted. To see all of the reviews, click "Reviews" tab.

Social Views: Indicates the number of times a member shares their review via social media, and how many of their followers clicked to read the review. When shared, audiences will see a special landing page with the book cover, description, the text of the NetGalley member’s review, and links to purchase or pre-order the title. 

Additional information on the Activity page:

Activity: How many NetGalley members have access to this book, are wishing for the title, are waiting for a reply to their request, or whose requests were declined.

Reason for Request: Members can indicate what appeals to them most about the book. Use this to gain early intel about what is drawing members to your title. Choices include:

  • Cover
  • Author
  • Book Title
  • Description
  • I keep hearing about this title

Recommends: Star Ratings (and average star rating)

Cover Rating: Cover likes and dislikes

Opinions: Answers to Yes/No questions, summarized and filtered by member type. Here's a list of the questions they are asked.

Will Not Give FeedbackMembers can indicate one of several reasons why they did not provide feedback for a book.


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