Types of Feedback Members Can Provide

NetGalley members can provide different types of Feedback about the titles they've read on the site. This is the page a NetGalley Reviewer sees:


Members can provide Opinions and Reviews (see below for more info about each). The Opinions section is not published on the NetGalley site, but is shared with you via email and within your account. Reviews are visible to other NetGalley members from the Title Details pages. You may select which reviews will be Featured directly on the page (just follow these steps) and the other reviews will be visible by clicking "See All Member Reviews" next to the average star rating. 

  • Opinions:
    • Member-specific questions: Each Member Type (Bookseller, Book Trade Professional, Educator, Librarian, Media/Journalist, Reviewer) has the opportunity to provide Yes or No answers to a few key questions about the title. See full details on which questions different members are asked here.
    • Reason for Request: Members can indicate what appeals to them most about the book (cover, author, description, or word-of-mouth), as they submit their Request.
    • Descriptive Tags: Member-generated keywords to help further categorize the book.
    • Notes: Non-published comments to the NetGalley client about the book. Different from reviews, notes provide insight about how the member reacted to the title, their plans to promote the title, etc. They appear as thought bubbles on the Feedback page, and are available in the Feedback Report.


  • Reviews:
    • Star ratings: How strongly would the member recommend this title?
    • A full review of the title
    • A link to their review online

For all reviews that are visible on a book's title details page, other NetGalley members are able to indicate whether those reviews are helpful or not. 


Then on the Feedback page in your Reviews tab, you will see a count like this below each review:


Members can also indicate that they Will Not Provide Feedback for a title. They can choose this option if they had a file issue, if the title was archived before they could download it, if they didn’t finish the book, or if they discovered unexpected content once they started reading.

If you have provided Audio Excerpts, members can provide Opinions questions about the Excerpt. These responses will be available to you in your Snapshot PDF.

If you receive a review that you feel is inappropriate in some way - for example, if the language is abusive, if the review contains spoilers that you do not want publicized, or if the review is critical of the author rather than of the book itself - you can flag the review from your Reviews section of the Feedback page. Here is more info.

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