Using Quotes from NetGalley Reviews

If you would like to use a review from a NetGalley member— whether it's an excerpt or the full review— link back to the original review online, if being used digitally. If you intend to use the review in print, for instance on a book cover or printed materials for a conference, first reach out to the member to ask for permission, as well as to confirm how they'd like their name or blog to be credited. Extend the same courtesy to NetGalley reviewers as you would for an author whose blurb you might use in a similar way. This is a great way to validate the reviewer's efforts and establish a strong relationship. Remember to follow our Best Practices for using members' email addresses when you reach out to NetGalley members. To find their email address, download your Feedback Report.

To find the unique URL for a member's review, simply select "See Full Review" under the Reviews tab on the Title Feedback page.


When members submit a review on NetGalley, the content of the review is the intellectual property of the reviewer. 

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