How NetGalley Encourages Members to Share Their Reviews

NetGalley encourages members to share their reviews in a variety of ways, including one-click social sharing, easy share-to-retail links, via direct reminders, and more. See below for the specific ways we help our members to share their reviews widely.

While writing a review

If a member has connected their LinkedIn account to NetGalley, they can share their reviews with one click. Members can also link other social media sites like TikTok and Goodreads from their profile.

They can also provide links to any reviews that they share elsewhere (for example, on their blog or podcast) when they submit feedback. Links for these reviews will appear in your Feedback Report.

After writing a review

Once members submit feedback, they are prompted to share their reviews to retail sites. When they do so, their review is automatically copied to their clipboard, they are redirected to the product page on the retailer site, and they can easily paste and save the review there.

retail links.jpg


Members can see books that have reached their pub dates in the last 30 days under the “Post to Retail” tab of their Feedback Sent section so they can easily share their review to retail sites in a timely manner.


Members are also able to share their reviews to social media with one click after they’ve submitted their review to NetGalley by clicking the icons under Social Sharing.


In NetGalley communication with members

Members can opt in to receive our weekly checklist email, which includes a reminder of books they've reviewed that have now reached their pub date.

We also have a number of reminders of this expectation throughout the site and in our FAQs in the form of instructions, including when new members join. Plus, our member support team does regular outreach to our community about activity and follow-through. Please note that members are not required to submit feedback via NetGalley. But, as you can see, we always encourage them to do so!

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