New Titles Created Chart

The New Titles Created chart is a line chart that displays the number of titles created each month. You can filter by imprint to see individual imprint activity, compare a few imprints at a time, or get an overall picture of activity for all imprints.

This chart can help you see title-upload trends across time and by imprint. You can use it to see if your imprint is uploading seasonal titles on schedule, and to compare NetGalley usage by imprint across your company.

Find this chart by navigating to the Company Admin Dashboard, and clicking the “Activity” tab in the top navigation. This will show you results for All Accounts. You can filter this by imprint, either by changing the dropdown in the top left, or by clicking on one of the pie charts on the main Company Admin Dashboard page. You can also turn each imprint on or off by clicking the name in the key at the bottom of the chart.

You can also find this chart for a specific imprint by clicking on the "Activity" tab within that imprint's dashboard.



This chart is only available to NetGalley Advanced clients. 


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