Top Performers Chart

Publishers can use this list to see their top performing titles. Each publisher may have a different metric by which they measure performance. You can filter the Top Performers chart by type of activity to view impressions, requestsmembers with accessfeedback, or average star rating. Plus, you can to filter these top performers by imprint. You can even filter Top Performers by category, because metrics for Romance titles will likely be quite different from Poetry. The category dropdown will only include categories relevant to the imprint you are looking at. If you change the imprint, the category filter will reset to "All Categories" since the relevant categories may have changed.

Use the Top Performers list to see which titles are performing well and which could use a boost. You can also compare different metrics against each other. For example, if one title is a top performer for impressions, but not for requests, you might consider how to improve that conversion. If you can convert impressions to requests on NetGalley you’ll be set up for greatest success to convert impressions to sales once a book goes on sale.

Find this chart by navigating to the Company Admin Dashboard and clicking the “Activity” tab in your top navigation, and then “Top Performers” in the blue bar.

You can also find this chart for a specific imprint by clicking on the "Activity" tab within that imprint's dashboard, and then "Top Performers."



This chart is only available to NetGalley Advanced clients.

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