File Restrictions and File Size Limitations

It's important to ensure that files are under their required maximum. Learn more about optimizing your files here, especially if you work with image-heavy books like graphic novels, cookbooks, or children’s books. 

For each of the following Reading Options, your files must be no larger than as follows:

NetGalley Shelf App:

  • 250MB for EPUB - The NetGalley Shelf app can accept EPUB files that are very large, which is perfect for graphic novels, cookbooks, and other highly illustrated titles . Please note, very large files cannot be supported by Kindle or Adobe, so those reading options would need to be turned off.
  • 80MB for PDF


  • 24MB for EPUB
  • 24MB for PDF



  • 80MB for EPUB
  • 80MB for PDF

With the Download option you have a number of options: “Protected Galley (DRM)” which uses Adobe DRM; Social DRM or Open Galley (no DRM). 

We can successfully convert files to Adobe-DRM that are up to 80MB, but members will experience delays when opening the file on their device, and may also see delays during page turns. Beyond 80MB, the conversion process fails.

Our Social DRM server is able to successfully watermark files up to 150 MB. Downloads for these large files are generally much slower.


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