Common Title Record Errors

Issues Adding Titles to the Catalog

In order to allow members to request your title, or invite members to view a title via a NetGalley widget, make sure you complete the title record (Title, ISBN, Author(s), Pub Date, and Category required), upload a content file, and make sure reading options are enabled.

Title Not Ready

It typically takes NetGalley a few minutes to prepare protected files, particularly if they have just been uploaded or if you have changed the download options.

You may see a message at the top of your Title Details page that says "This title is not ready" if the file was recently uploaded or you changed the Reading Options. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page or come back to it.

If you still see this error after half an hour, please get in touch with our Concierge team at concierge[at] so that they can take a look at the file.


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