Illustrated Titles on NetGalley

Many NetGalley clients list their illustrated and image-heavy titles on NetGalley. Digital review copies are perfect for these titles because they can render beautifully, while still being significantly cheaper to produce or share than physical galleys or even samplers.

Here are a few considerations for these types of files: 

  • We do not recommend the Kindle reading option for heavily illustrated titles.
  • Please note our file-size restrictions.
  • Be sure the files are in RGB (web) format/mode instead of CMYK (print). If images don't appear once they've been downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions, it's likely because they're still in CMYK (print) format/mode and not in RGB (web).
  • For images to consistently show up online for all browsers and Adobe-supported devices, they need to be converted to RBG, JPG/GIF/PNG. They can be converted before the PDF is created or after the PDF is created, through Acrobat Pro optimization for the web. Please see our optimization suggestions for details.
  • For the web, 300dpi print quality image is displayed at 72dpi no matter what. If you don’t optimize images for the web yourselves, a different application will make the decision of what to "throw out" to bring the image quality down to 72/96dpi, so it's a good idea to optimize the files yourself.
  • Resizing and sharpening images in Photoshop, as opposed to another app (even Acrobat Pro) will yield much better results
  • Ideally, you should create a print version of your title and a web version.
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