Using the NetGalley Widget

A widget is a pre-approved link inviting a contact to view a title on NetGalley. When a reader receives a widget link, typically via email, they can click on the link, register for free or login to NetGalley (if they are already a member), and are taken directly to the Title Details page for that title. From the Title Details page, they can view information about the title, including any digital Press Kit files, and download the file using the reading options you've selected.

Here is a handy one-sheet about the widget.

We have some template language that can be used when sending out a widget-- click here to learn more.

This is what a widget looks like when pasted into an email:



And here is what a reader sees when they click on a widget they've been approved for:


There are two types of widgets offered by NetGalley:

OPEN widgets are not associated with a particular email address; anyone who receives the link (even if the widget is forwarded along via email) can click on the widget, register or login, and view the title.

SECURE widgets are associated with a list of email addresses you specify when you create the widget; only NetGalley accounts which are tied to those email addresses can access the title using that widget.

No matter which option you choose, your files will always have the security settings you've applied, and you will always know who's viewing your files on NetGalley.




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