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When a NetGalley member requests one of your books, click their name to view a full Profile and approve, decline or auto-approve the member, without leaving the page. We ask members to provide information about their credentials, including professional organizations; how they spread the word about books; their contact information; and category interests. We then append that information with stats about their history of approvals/declines and earned badges for activities on the site.

In our Member Knowledge Base, we provide helpful hints for every profile to encourage members to provide information that's meaningful to you about how they recommend books.

This is what a member's profile looks like:




NetGalley provides a quick snapshot of a member's behavior on NetGalley with stats like:

- Feedback Ratio calculates the percentage of feedback based on approved access to books and audiobooks (this includes Read Now, Listen Now, Widget Invites, and Wishes Granted).
- Average Star Rating tells you how the member is rating books across all of their reviews on NetGalley.
- Last Review Date shows how recently they've left Feedback.
- Member Activity Note (EXCLUSIVE FOR NETGALLEY ADVANCED CLIENTS) allows you to write a short comment about a specific member's activity. More info here.


You can click on "See All Reviews" to see every review a member has left on NetGalley, both for your own books, and for others.

Click the links provided here to be brought to the Member's profile on any sites that they may be posting their reviews on. This could include Goodreads, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or their own blog or website.


Through our partnerships with the American Library Association; American Booksellers Association; the Booksellers Association in the UK; and the Australian Library and Information Association, verified members can display their affiliation in their NetGalley Profile.

When an industry professional or book advocate joins NetGalley as a Librarian, they have the exclusive opportunity to add their ALA or ALIA member number to their NetGalley account. Same for Booksellers--they can add their ABA or BA number, depending on their location. When a valid ALA, ALIA, ABA or BA member number is added to a NetGalley account, you will see the relevant logo next to their name when they request a title or when you view their Profile.

Our suggestion to members is to keep their Feedback ratio close to 80%, meaning that for every 10 titles they are approved to read, they provide feedback for 8 titles. Feedback can be an opinion, note to the publisher/author, a review, or information about how they will promote the title.

As members read and review books on NetGalley, they can earn badges to reflect various accomplishments that they obtain as an active user on the site. These badges can be used as part of your decision to approve or decline their request to view your titles.

Badges are awarded to members according to this key:

  • NetGalley member badge - all NetGalley members
  • 80% ratio badge - submit feedback for at least 80% of the titles for which they're approved
  • Top Reviewer badge - 3+ reviews have been chosen by publishers to be featured on a book's Title Details page
  • Auto-Approvals badge - have been auto-approved by four or more publishers on NetGalley
  • 10+ Reviews - have posted ten or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 25+ Reviews - have posted 25 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 50+ Reviews - have posted 50 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 100+ Reviews - have posted 100 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 200+ Reviews - have posted 200 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 500+ Reviews - have posted 500 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • NetGalley Challenge 2015 - participated in the 2015 NetGalley Challenge
  • NetGalley Challenge 2016 - participated in the 2016 NetGalley Challenge
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