Contacting NetGalley Members Directly

Take a look at our best practices for using NetGalley member email addresses!
If a NetGalley member has included their contact information in their Profile, you may use it to reach out to them directly. You can find their email address in the Detailed Activity Report and the Feedback Report.
When emailing multiple members at once, please remember to BCC them to maintain their privacy.

NetGalley member information is only revealed to publishers once the member has interacted with the publisher (i.e. the member has requested a title, clicked on a widget link, and/or been granted a wish). You can click on a person’s name anywhere they appear in your NetGalley account to view their full Profile and can also find reader information included in the Detailed Activity Report and the Feedback Report.

See our template language that can be used when emailing members about your title.

Remember that you can also take advantage of our promotions to reach our community.

Note: Publishers are responsible for complying with all local laws and statutes related to the protection and legal use of personal information. Publishers should always download and use the most recent reports.

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