Files Not Importing from Deliver Files Page

When uploading files via the Deliver Files Page, the most common reason content or cover files do not import has to do with how they are named.

Common naming errors include:

  1.  Extra characters. For instance, instead of 9784444444444.pdf (correct!), the file is named 9784444444444_small.pdf (incorrect!).
  2.  Use of the wrong ISBN. For example, the title record in NetGalley uses the print ISBN, and the cover image is named with the digital ISBN.
  3. The file name extension is used twice. For example, 9784444444444.pdf.pdf

ISBN is the primary identifier in NetGalley, so it is crucial that the content files and title records match exactly. An easy way to avoid this common mistake is to share your manifest internally! Once the manifest has been uploaded to NetGalley, send it also to your production team so they're aware which ISBN was used for each title.


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