Content Warnings

An important part of your title details page is Content Warnings. At NetGalley, we want to help you reach readers who will truly appreciate the book. By adding a content warning (without spoilers), you ensure that readers will not be surprised by any graphic content, and thus will be more likely to be the perfect audience and submit helpful reviews for the book.
We have heard from many members who wish they had been warned of graphic/triggering content before choosing to request or read particular books. Members can also opt to not submit Feedback for a specific book by choosing the "Unexpected Content" option within the “I will not be giving feedback on this title” functionality (along with a note explaining why or more detail).
Here are some examples of Content Warnings. As you are writing your content warning, do your best to not include spoilers:
Content Warning: This novel contains material that might prove to be violent, sexually explicit, or religiously controversial to certain readers.
Content Warning: This book contains potentially triggering subject matter, including discussions of past trauma, flashbacks of child abuse (emotional, mental, and one instance of physical), death of a grandparent, and PTSD.
Below are some other types of content warnings you may want to add to your book description:
Content Warnings:
Substance abuse
Sexual assault
Human trafficking 
Death by suicide
Gun violence
Attempted rape
Alcohol consumption
Recreational drug use (smoking)
Gore depiction and body horror
Death of a child
Death of a parent and family members discussed
Depictions of suicide
References to child abuse
Strong language
Homophobic violence and hate speech
Police violence
The AIDS crisis
Childhood neglect
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