Scheduled Promotions and Scheduled Availability

Scheduled Promotions

If you have reserved a NetGalley promotion, you’ll see it listed on your Title Details page with the date the promotion ran. 



NetGalley Advanced clients will also see Scheduled Promotions as part of their Title Timeline. Scheduled Promotions will appear as a dark blue phase on the Timeline, in line with the relevant dates of the promotion. These cannot be edited since they are created by the NetGalley team to coincide with a Scheduled Promotion. Email directly if you need to revise a Scheduled Promotion.


Scheduled Availability

Scheduled Availability may appear on the Title Timeline (available only to NetGalley Advanced clients) when the NetGalley team schedules a future availability setting for the title. This will be related to the goals expressed for a Scheduled Promotion - for example, limited Read Now availability to coincide with a dedicated eblast.

NetGalley Classic clients will see Scheduled Availability in the Manage Availability section. It will appear as a blue locked phase on top of the current availability setting.

Scheduled Availability is shown as LOCKED since it cannot be edited. Scheduled Availability is created by the NetGalley team, usually to coincide with a scheduled promotion. Email directly if you have questions or wish to revise a Scheduled Availability.


NetGalley Advanced clients will see Scheduled Availability on their Title Timeline as a blue locked phase slotted in between past and future phases.



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