View Your Promotions

To view a list of your NetGalley promotions navigate to the NetGalley Promotions section of your Dashboard and click “View Current and History," under the "Your Promotions" heading.

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To view past promotions, click the History link on the Your Promotions page. You can also export a report of all your Promotions by clicking the blue Download button. The spreadsheet will include all Promotions (in the Current and History sections), and will have the same columns that currently exist on the page, along with separate columns for ISBN and author.

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If you are a NetGalley Advanced client, you can also click View Activity to go to  the Title Activity Chart for your book to see how the promotion impacted activity. This includes a visual indicator for each promotion—look for a green or red bar on the X axis!  

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Don’t forget! You can reserve new promotions directly from your publisher Dashboard. Simply click “Reserve” for the promotion you want to book.

Note: Promotions will not appear in this list until they are confirmed and all details are finalized, which can sometimes be closer to the run date. If you're unsure about the status of a promotion you've booked, reach out to

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