Dedicated eBlasts

Get outstanding results with the most flexibility! Custom, highly targeted email campaigns promoting just one title—or up to a dozen at once—are perfect for any goal.

Powerful Targeting: specific member types, readers who interacted with comp titles/authors, or curated target lists for niche sub-genres (cozy mystery, gothic thrillers, political thrillers, rom-coms, witchy romance, YA horror, and more!)

Drive any action: limited-time/quantity Read Now, pre-approve widget access, Wishes, pre-orders, backlist buys, Requests, etc.

Dates book up months in advance, so reserve now and we'll follow-up to discuss details and budget. 

See our Media Kit or email us ( to see examples of recent eBlasts.

2024 US eBlast pricing tiers (based on # of recipients):

15k = $1,400 minimum
16-20k = $1,700
21-25k = $2,000
26-30k = $2,300
31-35k = $2,600
36-40k = $2,900
41-45k = $3,200
46-50k = $3,500
51-55k = $3,800
56-60k = $4,100
61-65k = $4,400
66-70k = $4,700
71-75k = $5,000
76-80k = $5,300
81-85k = $5,600
86-90k = $5,900
91-95k = $6,200
96-100k = $6,500

Reserve 2024 Dedicated eBlasts via these forms:

Whether you want us to create the eBlast in our template, or you are designing the creative in-house, please closely follow our eBlast Guidelines & Specs. We cannot use design assets unless they meet our guidelines.

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