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Secure a spot in our successful email newsletters to gain more requests, downloads, pre-orders, or backlist buys. Themes include popular general categories, as well as niche topics such as: LGBTQIA, Diverse Reads, Books to Celebrate Women’s History Month and Poetry Month, Debut Authors, Picks for Book Clubs, True Crime, Holiday Books, Gift/Coffee Table Books, Current Events & Politics, etc.

NEW for 2023: Premium Edition Newsletters offer the biggest reach! Occurring just a few times throughout the year, these newsletters are sent to our largest lists of U.S. members interested in our top categories. On average, Premium Editions will reach 75,000 members—200% more than our targeted Standard Editions! View 2023 Newsletter calendar here.

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2023 Prices:

Standard Editions (targeted reach):
$800 USD Spotlight Placement
$700 USD Regular Placement

Premium Editions (largest reach):
$1,000 USD Spotlight Placement
$900 USD Regular Placement

Each newsletter contains one Spotlight Title that appears at the top. Regular placement Newsletter spots are filled first-come, first-serve.

Books don’t need to be available for Request/Read Now in order to be in a newsletter, if you’d prefer to generate Wishes, or Pre-Orders with a retail link. Books with a Request/Read Now CTA must be in NetGalley and active at least one week prior to newsletter send date.

Audiobooks can be included in any NetGalley Newsletter. FYI we also have Audiobook-specific Newsletters every few months! 


Banner Ads: each NetGalley Newsletter can contain 2 Ads, one Top Banner and one Middle Banner. The Top Banner is located directly below the Spotlight Title—a perfect alternative if the Spotlight Title is already reserved. Learn more and reserve here.

Bonus Section: Take advantage of the “Bonus Section” for books with smaller budgets (just $200/cover). Learn more and reserve here.

For our Newsletters sent only to members in Canada, please use the separate Canada Newsletter form.

Contact for up-to-date stats (recipient counts, website traffic, engagement rates, etc.).

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