Audiobook Newsletters

Audiobook clients can participate in our seasonal Audiobook-specific Newsletters! 

Secure a spot in our successful email newsletters to gain more requests, downloads, or pre-orders. Each newsletter contains one Spotlight Title that appears at the top.

Regular placement Newsletter spots are filled first-come, first-serve. Spotlight Titles are finalized at the discretion of the NetGalley marketing team, and placement is not guaranteed.

Audiobooks can also be included in any NetGalley Newsletter. View 2023 Newsletter calendar here.

Audiobook-specific Newsletter editions for 2023:

Feb 2: Audiobooks (all genres)
Jun 7: Audiobooks (all genres) - Audiobook Month!
Oct 12: Audiobooks (all genres)

Reserve via this form

2023 Prices:
$800 USD Spotlight Placement
$700 USD Regular Placement


Banner Ads: each NetGalley Newsletter can contain 2 Ads, one Top Banner and one Middle Banner. The Top Banner is located directly below the Spotlight Title—a perfect alternative if the Spotlight Title is already reserved. Learn more and reserve here.

Contact for up-to-date stats (recipient counts, website traffic, engagement rates, etc.).

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