Audiobook File Format and Size Limitations

The maximum file size for audiobooks is 1 GB.

Audiobook files must be delivered to NetGalley as a zip file, named with the audiobook ISBN number.

Inside the zip file, your mp3 files must be named with the listening order (in three-digit format) at the beginning of the file name, including leading zeros. For example, if chapter two in the audiobook zip file is the third file that should be played, the file might be named: 003_Chapter 2.mp3.

Our process can create text to display for listeners, based on these file names.  We strip out the ISBNs and underscores. If you name your file like the example below, listeners will see "001 Opening" while listening to track one, for instance. This display text is optional.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 4.59.12 PM.png


All the mp3 files should have the same bitrate. NetGalley will reduce the bitrates of the files we receive. The files that NetGalley members receive are between 64-128kbps.

There is no minimum bitrate, but we recommend 64 kbps(kilobits per second) for most files. If you have a full cast recording or other highly-produced audio, 128 kbps is recommended.

No other files should be included in the zip file (no cover image, no manifest, no excerpt -- just mp3 files for the full audiobook). 

Please note:

  • Your zip file must be named with the ISBN that exactly matches the corresponding NetGalley title record with no spaces, dashes or letters, like this: Files that are named correctly will automatically import into the associated NetGalley title record.
  • You must upload your audiobooks via the Deliver Files Page, or via the SFTP. 

Click here to learn more about adding an excerpt file in addition to your full audiobook.


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