Renaming Audio Chapter Files

Audiobook chapter files must be mp3 files, inside a zip file. These mp3 files must be named with the listening order (in three-digit format) at the beginning of the file name, including leading zeros. For example, if chapter two in the audiobook zip file is the third file that should be played, the file might be named: 003_Chapter 2.mp3. Please refer to NetGalley's Audiobook File Format information for full details about naming your files.

If you need to rename rename many chapter files at once, follow these steps. 

First, download and install Advanced Autorenamer ( Please note that Advanced Autorenamer will only work when using a PC.

Using Advanced Autorenamer

  1. Create a spreadsheet with two columns. Name Column A Audio and Column B NetGalley. Save the file in .csv format.
  2. Add your current mp3 file names in Column A. Be sure to add .mp3 as part of the file name in both columns.
  3. Sort the sheet in ascending order by the Audio column (A).
  4. Put all of your MP3 files into a single folder on your computer.
  5. Open Advanced Autorenamer.
  6. Click the Import button at the top and choose Files from CSV...zd1.png
  7. Click the three dots to the right of the Filename box to select the spreadsheet you created in Step 1.
  8. Click the three dots to the right of the Base folder for original files box to select the directory where your MP3 files reside.
  9. Type a comma into the Column Separator box and check the box next to First line is a header.
  10. Column for original filename should be 1Column for new filename should be 2. The bottom half of the window shows the data that will be imported. If a filename in the spreadsheet does not correspond to a file in the directory, it displays in red and will not be imported.zd2.png
  11. Click Import. The data imports with the original filenames listed under the Rename Files tab and the new filenames listed under the List method on the left.zd3.png
  12. Click the Add method button on the upper left and choose Add.
  13. In the Add: box of the Add window, type -excerpt.
  14. In the At index: box, type 0.
  15. Click the box next to Backwards and choose Name in the Apply to: dropdown menu. Note that the list under New Filename shows the new ISBNs followed by -excerpt.zd4.png
  16. Click Start Batch in the upper-right corner, then Start. Click OK. The files in your directory should have the correct new filenames.

Once your files are named correctly, you may upload them via the Deliver Files Page, or via the SFTP. Follow the instructions found here.





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