NetGalley Member Badges

As members read and review books on NetGalley, they can earn badges to reflect various accomplishments that they obtain as an active user on the site. These badges are featured on a member's profile, and can be used as part of your decision to approve or decline their request to view your titles.


Badges are awarded to members according to this key:

  • NetGalley member badge - all NetGalley members
  • 80% ratio badge - submit feedback for at least 80% of the titles for which they're approved
  • Top Reviewer badge - 3+ reviews have been chosen by publishers to be featured on a book's Title Details page
  • Auto-Approvals badge - have been auto-approved by four or more publishers on NetGalley
  • 10+ Reviews - have submitted 10 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 25+ Reviews - have submitted 25 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 50+ Reviews - have submitted 50 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 100+ Reviews - have submitted 100 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 200+ Reviews - have submitted 200 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • 500+ Reviews - have submitted 500 or more reviews on NetGalley
  • NetGalley Challenge 2015 - participated in the 2015 NetGalley Challenge
  • NetGalley Challenge 2016 - participated in the 2016 NetGalley Challenge
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