NetGalley Widget

What is a widget?

The NetGalley widget is a pre-approved link that allows you to invite your trusted contacts to download your book via NetGalley. When a reader receives a widget link, typically via email, they can click on the link, login to NetGalley, and are taken directly to the Title Details page for that title. From the Title Details page, they can view information about the title, including any digital Press Kit files, and download the file using the reading options you've selected.

There are two types of widgets offered by NetGalley:

Secure widgets

Open widgets are not associated with a particular email address; anyone who receives the link (even if the widget is forwarded along via email) can click on the widget, register or login, and view the title.

Secure widgets are associated with a list of email addresses you specify when you create the widget; only NetGalley accounts which are tied to those email addresses can access the title using that widget.

No matter which option you choose, your files will always have the security settings you've applied, and you will always know who's viewing your files on NetGalley.

Who do I send it to?

You can share the widget with anyone who should receive a free digital copy of your book. If you have a street team, important media contacts, a list of powerful bloggers, librarians, booksellers, or book clubs, use the widget to grant them early access to your book in order to drive publicity and online buzz.
Important: Before you contact any NetGalley members using the widget, be sure to consult the information in our Best Practices for Using Member Email Addresses article.

Do readers need to be existing members of NetGalley to download my book?

No! Once they click the widget link from you, they can easily create their free account if they are not already a member. The widget offers streamlined registration, making it as easy as possible for widget recipients to access your title as quickly as possible. Their membership to NetGalley ensures that you have a full history of who has downloaded your book.

How do I use it?

The widget can be used anywhere that a link is used, making it easy to give automatic access to your own tailored list of your most important contacts and influencers. To use the widget, simply copy and paste the cover image or URL and title into your own email with a customized pitch.

What if readers have trouble downloading the book?

Our member support staff is happy to directly assist any members who have trouble accessing your title via the widget (or otherwise!). We highly recommend that you include information about how to register for NetGalley, how to download the title, and any specific information about what type of feedback is most useful to you to familiarize your readers with NetGalley. Here’s some template language to help you get started, which includes a link to NetGalley’s member support team. 

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