Widget Recipient Errors

There are a few common reasons members receive an error when attempting to log in to NetGalley via a secure widget. If a reader reports this message, "The publisher of this title has not approved your email address to view this title" it is likely due to one of the reasons below:
  • The email address you used to create the widget is not the email that is being used in their NetGalley contact information.
  • The member is logging in with an incorrect username. If a member has more than one login name they may be using the wrong one. They should use the login name associated with the email address you used to create the widget. (Please note that login names are case sensitive.)
  • If you created the widget with multiple email addresses, you may have inadvertently introduced incorrect formatting. When you create a secure widget be sure that each email address is on a separate line--do NOT use commas or semi-colons.
Please don't hesitate to ask us to test a widget for you, especially if you are sending it to a large list. Simply include one of the Concierge Team's email addresses when you create the widget and send it to us to test.
  • katie.versluis[at]netgalley.com
  • kristina.radke[at]netgalley.com
  • stuart.evers[at]netgalley.com
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