Inviting new audiences to NetGalley

We've heard many clients are considering using NetGalley to deliver digital files to new audiences outside of our normal community of reviewers, librarians, booksellers, educators, and media. Please let us know if you’re working on any unique promotions or campaigns.

We try to avoid bringing consumers to NetGalley, since the platform is aimed at publishing industry professionals and book influencers--basically only those who would typically be approved for digital review copies. Remember that anyone who is invited to access a particular book will likely end up requesting other books in the future.

Our community team is dedicated to supporting members in accessing your books easily. We regularly help with suggested language specific to particular campaigns, and we’re happy to talk through any use-cases when you provide us with details. Please reach out to us anytime at widgetcampaign[at] and we will provide specific instructions/best practices that have been successful for other publishers.

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