Kindle Reading Options

To deliver NetGalley files to Kindle, members must have their Kindle email address entered into their Profile, and added to their approved email sender list in their Amazon account. For more information, click here

When a member clicks the Send to Kindle button for a title, the file is emailed to their Kindle via Amazon’s Personal Document Delivery Service. On NetGalley’s behalf, Amazon applies their proprietary DRM protection to the file, in the process converting the file to their proprietary format (.azw).


Files are secure and non‐transferable, and cannot be copied or printed. By reading this file on their Kindle, the member agrees that no part of this book may be reproduced or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. There is no expiration date in Amazon’s DRM applied to the files from NetGalley, so the file will be available to the approved reader on their Kindle and in their Amazon account until the reader deletes it.

View information about other DRM settings here:

Due to changes in Amazon's accepted file types, NetGalley no longer accepts MOBI files as of late July, 2022. 
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