NetGalley Shelf App Reading/Listening Option

The NetGalley Shelf app is our recommended Reading Option and is available for free in both the Apple and Google Play stores. This app will allow NetGalley members to seamlessly access their approved books as long as you have enabled this Reading Option. 

The NetGalley Shelf app is available as a default Reading Option in your NetGalley Account Settings, as well as in the Settings section on individual Title Details pages.


PDF and ePub files in the NetGalley Shelf app are encrypted using Licensed Content Protection (LCP), which ensures that only the approved NetGalley member account has access to the file in the NetGalley Shelf app. The file cannot be used by another member's NetGalley account, since approved members will have to sign in with their particular credentials to open the file in the NetGalley Shelf app. NetGalley tracks when the file was downloaded and to how many devices. If more than 5 devices associated with a particular member account attempt to access the file, the license is revoked entirely and it can no longer be accessed on any devices for that member account. 

For ePub and PDF files protected with LCP: 

  • Members will not be able to print the file.
  • The content cannot be copied.
  • You can choose if the file will expire. 

If you’ve enabled the Expiring License, the file will expire after 55 days for the individual member, but the member can renew their license in the NetGalley Shelf app for another 55 days if the publisher has not archived the book in NetGalley. The file is encrypted and cannot be used without the correct (separate) license file and member passphrase. 

Alternatively, if you’ve enabled the Permanent License, the individual member will have the file in the NetGalley Shelf app permanently. 


When you upload an audiobook (a zip file containing a set of MP3 files) to NetGalley, approved members will exclusively access the audio file via the NetGalley Shelf app. NetGalley combines your audiobook file with the title metadata and cover image to create a new file that can be opened by the app using the Readium Web Publication Manifest. At this time DRM is not available for audiobook files. The file name is obfuscated, making it difficult for users to recognize or open the file outside of the app. Audiobook files can be either streamed or downloaded within the NetGalley Shelf app before playback begins so members will be able to listen to the full book even if their device goes offline.

To learn more about how members access files on the NetGalley Shelf app, visit our Device Guide.

View information about other DRM settings here:

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