NetGalley Basics Section and ONIX Updates

These two sections differentiate which information is flowing into NetGalley from your ONIX feed, and which information is NetGalley-specific.

When an ONIX update is received for an ISBN that is currently associated with an existing title record, that update will be pushed to the title record for the following fields: Title, subtitle, authors, imprint, pub date, price, currency, number of pages, format, and narrator for audiobooks.

For example, if the first ONIX record NetGalley receives for a title had the price set for $10 and the second ONIX record had the price set for $15 USD, NetGalley will update the price to $15.

We also update the description field, however, it works slightly differently. If a description has been edited manually on NetGalley, we will not overwrite the description regardless if the text is different in the most recent ONIX record. But, if the description has never been manually edited, the description text will be updated based on the most recent ONIX record.

If you would like to set up your ONIX feed within NetGalley, please contact concierge[at]! 

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