Choosing an ISBN to Use

ISBN numbers are important for use all around the NetGalley site. You will use the ISBN number for all of the following:

  • When creating an individual title record using the Create New button
  • In your manifest when creating many titles at once
  • Naming your content files (PDFs and EPUBs)
  • Naming your cover image files (.jpg)
  • Naming your audiobook files (.zip)
Many NetGalley clients have various ISBN numbers for the same title: Galley ISBNs, eISBNs, hardcover and paperback ISBNS. So, which one should you use?
You can choose whichever ISBN makes the most sense for your purposes. The most important part to remember is that, regardless of which ISBN you're using, the ISBN should be consistent between the title record, file name and cover name.
ISBN is the primary identifier in NetGalley, so it is crucial that the content files and title records match exactly. For our larger clients, an easy way to avoid this common mistake is to share your manifest file internally! Once the manifest has been uploaded to NetGalley, send it also to the production folks so they're aware which ISBN was used for each title. 
A note on edition types: Right now the NetGalley system will only display edition information for one type. You can add additional edition information (other formats, pricing, etc.) to the "Notes" section in the title record.
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