Adding Titles Using Firebrand's Eloquence & Title Management Services

Like NetGalley, Eloquence, a distribution service, is part of the Firebrand Group. Eloquence is the industry standard for ONIX and file distribution in the United States. 

If you currently use Eloquence and Title Management services, we already have access to your metadata and files. Simply send us an email at concierge[at] letting us know to set up NetGalley as a distribution channel in Eloquence.

Once NetGalley is set up as a distribution channel, it is very simple to send metadata and/or files to NetGalley via Eloquence/Title Management. In your Title Management account you can send an individual title, or multiple titles. 

To send an individual title:

Open the Title Summary page for any book in Title Management, and scroll down to the Eloquence section.

Click the "Send to NetGalley" button.


On the resulting page, enter "NetGalley" in the Trading Partner field, and select which assets you would like to send to NetGalley.

Be sure to click the "Send to NetGalley" button at the bottom of the page!


If you'd like to send multiple titles, simply start with a Product Search to find the list of titles you would like to send. When you have the full list of titles, click the "Send to NetGalley" button from the Easy Bar at the left, and follow the same steps as above to enter the Trading Partner and select which assets to send.



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