Sponsored Full Carousel

Sponsor a carousel full of just your titles with a custom headline/theme.

The Sponsored Full Carousel appears just above the Most Requested Books Carousel on the Find Titles landing page, which gets the most traffic of any page on NetGalley.com!

See a boost in impressions and requests for a full week. The first 5 visible covers in the carousel are randomized, and the display order changes periodically when the page is refreshed.

Books must be available for Request or Read Now at the time of the promotion to be eligible.

2024 Sponsored Full Carousel: Reserve via this form
$625 USD to reserve the Sponsored Full Carousel for a full week with a minimum of 5 books
Or include up to 20 titles for $125/ea (maximum $2500)

Note: The carousel reflects the Region Settings you've enabled for your books. This means members will only see books available in their region in that carousel. 

Sponsored Full Carousel example:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 12.37.02 PM.png

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