Category Spotlights

Be the first to catch the eye of readers, before they browse! Reserve a week-long spotlight on a category page—to drive the action you want most. 

Three types of Category Spotlights:

1. Request Spotlight. Highlight a title in a Category to maximize impressions, requests and downloads from NetGalley members.



2. READ NOW Spotlight. Maximize downloads by highlighting a title that is set to Read Now (where members will have instant approval to download your title).



3. Retail Spotlight. Running a deal on a retail site? Highlight a weekly deal, or newsworthy hook, on NetGalley for members to purchase the book. Great option once the title is Archived in NetGalley, OR a great way to drive Pre-Orders!



2023 Price:
Category Spotlights start at $150 USD per title, per week, per category. Highest traffic goes to these 4 categories: Romance, YA, Mystery & Thrillers, Sci Fi & Fantasy—and those bookings are highly competitive! Price is slightly higher ($165 USD) for top 4 categories. Reserve via this form.

NetGalley reserves the right to select Category Spotlight titles, and spots are not guaranteed. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

If your title is featured in a Category Spotlight placement, you’ll see this designation on the Title Details page in your publisher account:Category_Spotlight.jpg

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