Scheduling Request Availability by Member Type

As a NetGalley client, you have direct control over who has access to your book and when. We understand that some Member Types may need longer lead time than others. For example, booksellers and media/journalists may need digital review copies before a reviewer who posts on Goodreads would. Members who are not permitted to request a book can always Wish for it, which is a great way to generate measurable interest while restricting requests.

You can set a custom date range for requests, or leave it open-ended. Consider strategically using your Pub Date and Archive Date to target activity when you want it, especially for popular genres like Romance or Young Adult.

NetGalley Advanced customers can also schedule type of Availability. We recommend scheduling dates ahead of time so that you can set it and forget it. Take a peek at some suggestions and best practices here.

To schedule Availability by Member Type, navigate to the Title Details page of your book. Select the orange arrow under Availability the left-hand menu. From there, check the "Available in 'Find Titles' option and click "Set custom availability (optional)." 


Then, simply select Member Types from whom you want to receive requests and set your dates. Those who are not permitted to request a book are able to Wish for it. If you switch all Member Types to Get Wishes, the title will appear in the catalog as Wish Only for all members.



Or, keep the title Private/Invite Only to see these options:




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