How NetGalley Works with Resellers

NetGalley works with a variety of clients who use our service to promote books and audiobooks. This includes traditional publishers, hybrid and digital-only publishers, independent authors, and resellers like book-centric marketing and PR services. 

Any business or group who subscribe to their own NetGalley client account in order to list books on behalf of clients are considered “NetGalley resellers”. This means they accept payment from clients (such as individual authors) to participate on NetGalley. In the vast majority of cases, these “resellers” are separate from the publishing company who will be releasing the book for sale — instead, this may be another business that is involved in marketing or promoting the book (such as an outside PR agency who the author hired directly). 



Who is classified as a NetGalley reseller? / What is a NetGalley reseller?

Businesses or groups who subscribe to their own NetGalley client account in order to list books on behalf of clients, and potentially purchase on-site or email Promotions from NetGalley, are considered “NetGalley resellers”. This means that they accept payment from clients to participate on NetGalley (both listing books and, potentially, NetGalley Promotions). Resellers may include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing or promotion services
  • PR or publicity services
  • Author ‘co-ops’ (a collection of authors who band together to sign up for a NetGalley subscription)


What’s the difference between working directly with NetGalley versus working with a reseller?

Working directly with NetGalley: When you sign up to work directly with NetGalley, you receive your own credentials to sign in to a NetGalley client account. This gives you access to manage your title listing(s) directly, including managing requests, access to reports, and (for subscription clients) the ability to add new books at any time. NetGalley also provides training and direct email support to these customers. To work directly with NetGalley, you can sign up to pay per title ($550 for a six-month listing), or for a 12-month subscription (minimum cost is approximately $6,000/year, and allows you to swap ‘active’ books at any time). For more details or to get started, just fill out this form.


Working with a reseller: Resellers create and manage their own programs to list their clients’ books on NetGalley. This means that the price and time period that your book is on NetGalley will vary depending on which reseller you choose. NetGalley does not answer support questions from authors or publishers whose books are listed by a reseller. You must work with the reseller to make changes to your title listing, receive reporting, purchase promotions, answer questions, etc. Please speak directly with the reseller about expectations since each reseller’s program may be different. Click here for a list of some resellers we works with.

What’s the benefit of working with a reseller?

Resellers may offer a price or listing period that is more suitable for your budget or goals. For instance, some resellers offer 1- or 3-month title listings.


Additionally, for individuals who are not comfortable with technology, the reseller may handle all aspects of your title listing, from ensuring files meet NetGalley’s requirements, to uploading files, and managing requests. (Alternatively, if you work directly with NetGalley to list your books, you must handle all those aspects yourself.) 


How do I become a NetGalley reseller?

Fill out this form and let us know you’re interested in becoming a reseller and we will send you information about how to set up your own subscription account with NetGalley.

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