What the Profile Walkthrough means for Clients

Since the Profile Walkthrough campaign will be a rolling update, and members will be prompted to complete the Profile Walkthrough at different times based on their current Member Type (see Timeline here), you may see some slight inconsistencies when viewing member Profiles in your publisher account. This is expected, and only temporary! For instance, you may see new subtypes for some members, but old subtypes for others. Additionally, for Reviewers only, we are replacing the “Company” field in their Profile with “Primary Audience”—which you’ll start to notice when you manage requests from members who have completed the Profile Walkthrough.

In late July 2022, member subtypes will also become more visible on your Manage Requests page, and in your Reports that contain member information. As mentioned above, this will help you easily identify the best audiences for your books as you strategically manage requests!

Additionally, if you also have a Member Account for personal use (not affiliated with a client account), you will receive a member email, too. Good news: we have introduced a new Member Type specifically for those who work in the publishing industry! If you are an author, agent, or work at a publisher but use a member (reader) account to access books, you should choose the Book Trade Professional Member Type. Note: This is separate from your Client account, where you manage your titles and requests! There is no change to the Client account type.

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