What is the Profile Walkthrough

After months of strategic planning, and with input from many of you, we’ve made some changes to our Member Types (and subtypes).

Starting in June 2022 and continuing throughout the year, members will be required to complete a new Profile Walkthrough. This engagement campaign will be a rolling update for existing members. Click here for the full timeline.

Existing members will be prompted to confirm (or update) their Profile information using a guided walkthrough, with a focus on identifying who/where their primary audience is found (including social media). For the first time, members have the opportunity to update their Member Type if their job has changed or they realize something else is a better fit. Once they complete the Walkthrough, members will not be able to change their Member Type again without first contacting our support team.

To ensure that all members have an accurate Profile visible to you when they request books, completing the Profile Walkthrough is required for all members by December 2022. Brand new NetGalley members will complete the Profile Walkthrough upon registration.

This effort will help you easily identify the best audiences for your books and will result in updated community stats that we’ll share with you in January 2023.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and relevant information about how NetGalley members help your books succeed. Thank you for your patience during this enormous undertaking, which is laying the crucial groundwork for further initiatives and new features for publishers next year. Stay tuned!

Learn more about what this means for you here. 

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