Changing an Archive Date

Remember: Requests must be managed at least 3 days before the Archive Date to ensure members have time to access the book.

If the book is scheduled to be archived in three or fewer days, you will be prompted to "Extend 1 week". Pressing this button will automatically schedule your Archive Date for seven days in the future.



If the archive date for your book needs to be adjusted for any reason, you can do so from the Title Details page of the book.

Once on the Title Details page, click the orange arrow under the Availability section on the left hand side showing the book's Availability Type and Archive Date. 




NetGalley Advanced clients can scroll to the bottom of this page to adjust the Archive Options, simply click "Edit" and use the calendar button to choose which Archive date suits your needs the best. 


NetGalley Classic clients can click the calendar button in the Archive Options section directly without clicking "Edit" first in order to change the archive date. 


When an archive date is scheduled, the book will become unavailable for download at 11:45 PM local time on the date selected. 

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