Can you tell me about the connection with CataList?

The partnership with BookNet Canada includes a NetGalley member benefit discount for CataList subscribers who also subscribe to NetGalley, as well as integration between the NetGalley and CataList applications. CataList is an online catalogue tool used for buying, selling and pitching titles within the Canadian market.

There is no charge for publishers to activate the connection.

If a title is available for request from NetGalley, a link will appear in the CataList Title Detail page, and CataList users will be able to click to request the title on NetGalley. Publishers who subscribe to CataList and NetGalley will also receive a monthly discount on the NetGalley service.

Industry professionals and readers of influence can use both NetGalley and CataList at no cost. Once approved by the publisher, NetGalley members can view secure digital review copies on all major reading devices.

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